Ongoing Support

Each fall during the annual parish appeal, parishioners are asked to fill out a pdficon_small pledge form to indicate their commitment of financial support for St. Francis Borgia parish and ministries in the coming year. These offerings may be made through electronic funds transfer (EFT), with contribution envelopes, or without envelopes.

  • Electronic funds transfer (EFT) is safe and secure. Parishioners may choose withdrawals from their checking or savings account, or charges to a credit or debit card. An Authorization Agreement must be completed (see page 2 of the pdficon_small pledge form). For parishioners, using EFT provides convenience; for the parish it provides time and cost savings, as well as revenue predictability, which is important to expense management.  More details are available on the Electronic and Online Giving page.
  • Contribution envelopes can be used for donations by cash or check. Packets of envelopes are sent to parishioners’ homes every other month, covering two months each time.
  • Parishioners can choose to give without contribution envelopes, in which case a parish/envelope number will be assigned, but no envelopes will be sent. Parishioners should note their parish/envelope number with contributions, so that they are properly credited for their donations.

Donating online is an option for additional donations, through the Online Donation page. More details are available on the Electronic and Online Giving page.

Parishioners receive reports of their individual contributions.

Special Offerings

Parishioners are encouraged to provide additional financial support to the parish, school, and wider community through various appeals as described below.

Parish and School Support


The St. Francis Borgia Endowment was established in 2000 to help provide for the long-term financial needs of the parish and school. The Endowment includes a Parish Fund and a School Fund. Contributions to these funds are invested responsibly by a board of advisors appointed by the pastor or administrator. Only the interest earned from these investments may be allocated to the needs of the parish and school. Tax-deductible gifts to the Endowment are accepted throughout the year and may be designated to the Parish Fund, the School Fund, or distributed equally to both. Donations can be made through contribution envelopes, electronic giving, and online giving. More information is available as follows:

  • See the Frequently Asked Questions page
  • Pick up a brochure and contribution envelope from the reading rack in the gathering area of the church.
  • Contact the Stewardship Office (see “Additional Information” below)

School Annual Fund

Each year the School Annual Fund helps to finance the areas of St. Francis Borgia School that have the greatest need for the students and faculty. Tax-deductible Annual Fund donations support St. Francis Borgia School above and beyond tuition and the parish subsidy. For additional information, see the Annual Fund page of the St. Francis Borgia School website, or contact the School Office at 262-377-2050.

Special Donation Opportunities (Gifts for the Parish)

We ask you to consider your parish in your gift giving. There are many gifts – small and large – that our parish would be very grateful to receive. Needs can be fulfilled by gifts of time, talent, materials, dollars or a combination of these resources. These needs can be fulfilled by individuals, families, groups or organizations. Often people are able to offer their resources toward a project. Do you have resources through your business, your skills or contacts that could assist in bringing results toward these projects with little cost to the parish? We are happy and anxious to publicly recognize contributions to these efforts. We also respect the wishes of those who prefer to remain anonymous. Contact the parish Stewardship Office to discuss how you might be able to help.

Parish Outreach

St. Vincent de Paul Society

The Cedarburg Conference of the St. Vincent de Paul Society is part of a worldwide organization dedicated to helping people in need, regardless of religious affiliation. The group offers temporary assistance based on referrals from pastors/administrators/parish directors, social agencies, and individuals. Donations can be made through contribution envelopes, electronic giving, and online giving. Read more about the St. Vincent de Paul Society on the Outreach and Human Concerns page.

Charities Sponsored by the Human Concerns Committee

Our Human Concerns Committee makes grants to various charities. Donations can be made through contribution envelopes, electronic giving, and online giving. Read more about the Human Concerns Committee on the Outreach and Human Concerns page.

Uganda Twinning

The focus of the Uganda Twinning Committee is to build and maintain social, cultural and spiritual ties with St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church and community in Mukono, Uganda.The opportunity to donate toward our Uganda sister parish is offered through contribution envelopes, electronic giving, and online giving. Read about Uganda Twinning.

Archdiocesan Outreach

Catholic Stewardship Appeal (February)

Over 600,000 Catholics in nearly 200 parishes benefit from the Catholic Stewardship Appeal for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. This annual appeal begins in February each year. Contributions all stay within the Milwaukee Archdiocese and are used to provide parish services, ministerial formation, social outreach, education and family training, clergy services and communication & development.

Archdiocesan Combined Collections (Fall and Spring)

Each spring and fall, the Archdiocese of Milwaukee asks for our financial support for various worthy ministries and organizations. Usually, five separate appeals are included in each of the two “combined collections”. Read more…

Additional Information

  • Any questions about pledges, contributions, envelopes, electronic giving or online giving should be directed to the parish accountant.
  • Questions about specific giving opportunities should be directed to the Stewardship Office, at 262-377-1070, ext. 327 or send an e-mail.