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Latest Issues

You can download the latest bulletin issues here. These are posted in advance of the Sunday bulletin date. Occasionally because of holiday schedules and deadlines, they may be posted more than a week ahead of the Sunday bulletin date.


Bulletin Inserts

The bulletins distributed at church sometimes include one or more inserts, and these inserts are posted separately below, usually on the Friday prior to the Sunday bulletin date. Note that there is a time delay between the posting of the bulletin (above) and the availability of the inserts.


Submitting Requests for Bulletin Articles

Our bulletin goes to press on Tuesdays, so it is necessary to work ahead quite a bit.

If you have a request for information to be included in our parish bulletin, it needs to be submitted to the bulletin editor in the parish office no later than 9 a.m. the Monday before the requested bulletin date. This is necessary to meet publisher deadlines. Note that deadlines are earlier for some weekends, especially around the holidays.

Feel free to work ahead and submit your bulletin items early, noting the requested bulletin date for your article to be published. If possible, please send the material in a Word document or in the body of an email.

For questions, please contact the bulletin editor at 262-377-1070, ext. 327, or send en email.