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Lay Leadership

Pastoral Council

The St. Francis Borgia Pastoral Council serves in an advisory role to the pastor or administrator. It helps to fulfill the pastoral mission of the parish by:

  • Fostering growth within the parish family and the sharing of spiritual gifts and talents
  • Encouraging positive relationships among all members of the parish
  • Collaborating with other parishes and the wider community

The council is involved in planning to meet the needs of the parish, the archdiocese and the broader community, with a vision for the future and a strong basis in stewardship. After prayerful discernment, the council advises the pastor or administrator and develops policies to support those activities and programs that foster the spiritual, intellectual, moral and temporal well-being of the parish, and that make a contribution to archdiocesan goals and policies.

Members of the pastoral council are nominated by parishioners. Nine members are chosen through prayerful discernment. They serve three-year terms on a staggered basis. The pastor or administrator,  and the parish trustees serve as “ex officio” members. All parish organizations report to the council.

The council typically meets monthly. Parishioners are invited to observe the meetings. Arrangements to address the council may be made by contacting the pastoral council chairperson.

Pastoral Council Minutes

View the minutes from the March 12, 2024 meeting.

Parish Commissions & Committees Manual

Pastoral Council members can utilize this information relative to their liaison roles, and it can be helpful to anyone active in parish commissions/committees. View or print the  Parish Commissions & Committees Manual.

Pastoral Council Members

Members and Officers for 2023-2024


Council Member Council Position
Bob Shimp Council Chairperson
Chris Frommell Council Vice Chairperson
Jennie Mulcahy Council Secretary
Tim Briscoe Communications Liaison
Bob Shimp Stewardship Liaison
Christina Garni Prayer and Worship Liaison
Jennie Mulcahy Human Concerns Liaison
Chris Frommell Finance Council Liaison
Ben Kessler Finance Council Liaison
Olivia Rapavi Formation and Evangelization Liaison
David Krier Safety Liaison
Fr. Patrick Burns, Pastor Ex Officio Member
Joe Carlson, Trustee Ex Officio Member
Joe Schirger, Trustee Ex Officio Member



Trustees are parishioners who serve the parish as advisors, overseers and councilors, entrusted with assisting the pastor in caring for the corporate well-being of the parish. They serve for two-year terms and are members of the Parish Corporation Board of Directors, which administers all the temporal matters that are affected by civil law. One trustee is designated as the trustee-treasurer and the other as the trustee-secretary.

Along with the pastor, trustees are ex-officio members of the parish pastoral council and finance committee, and participate fully in the work of those groups.


For questions or for more information, please contact the parish office