Helping with parish ministries is a great way to meet people, help people, and reflect God’s goodness. And likely you will feel like you received more than you gave.

Recently Publicized Needs

Watch the weekly parish bulletin and the Volunteer Opportunities page for recently publicized volunteer needs.

Ongoing Opportunities

Nearly every aspect of the parish, from prayer and worship through outreach, has a volunteer aspect. Consider helping, whether for a one-time event or an ongoing need. See the information below for ways to get involved in different types of parish ministry and service.

Prayer and Worship

Prayer and Worship Committee

The mission of the Prayer and Worship Committee is to strengthen the faith and spirituality of our parish community and enhance our relationship with God, through the beauty of prayer, the richness of our Catholic liturgy and the glory of worship and song. This committee meets monthly to discuss the various aspects of our liturgies and liturgical ministries. The different ministries are represented at each meeting. Anyone with an interest in helping to plan our liturgies is invited to attend.

Other ways to be involved in the area of Prayer and Worship:

Parish Activities and Outreach

Christian Formation

Programs for Children, Youth and Adults

See the Volunteer Opportunities on the Christian Formation page.


Stewardship Committee

This committee meets regularly throughout the year to discuss and implement ways in which we can nurture stewardship within our parish. Past activities have included a ministries fair, commissioning Masses, a time and talent booklet, and promotion of our Catholic faith through education, prayer, and small group formation.

Catholic Stewardship Appeal

The parish chairperson is in contact with the archdiocese and is given all the information needed to run the stewardship appeal. Usually 2-3 messages are given at Mass throughout the year, including the kick-off weekend plus one or two follow up messages.


Communications Committee

This committee has the general mission of assisting the parish with communications, including the website and Facebook. Volunteers with skills in writing, editing, photography, electronic communications, website work, social media, etc. are welcome. Time commitment will depend on the activities chosen by the committee and the interests and skills of committee members.

Photography Committee

We document parish activities and events through photographs, and assist with the publication of the photos on the parish website or in other printed media as needed. Photographers volunteer to cover specific events. Editors follow up to select photos for publication. There is no specific time commitment and meetings are held on an as-needed basis.

Website Committee

Our mission is to build, maintain, and operate a website that informs, educates, inspires and serves as a vehicle for communication within our parish, school, and greater Catholic community. The time commitment is flexible-either short or long-term involvement. Volunteers are needed for technical skills as well as content management.

Other Parish Support

Finance Council and Committees

The Finance Council serves in an advisory role to the pastor or administrator. It is the consultative body in all parish financial matters. All parishes in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee are required to have a finance council governed by norms issued by the bishop. Committees reporting to the Finance Council include the Accounting and Budgeting Committee, Investment Committee, IT Committee and Personnel Committee. For more information on the Finance Council and its committees, see the Parish Finances page.

Marriage Preparation Ministry

Volunteers in the marriage preparation ministry are married couples who meet with parish couples who are planning to be married. They assist with a pre-marital inventory called the FOCCUS program. For more information on this ministry of marriage preparation, contact the wedding coordinator at (262) 377-1070, ext. 329 or send an email.

Office Volunteers

Adult volunteers help in the parish office with a variety of projects including stuffing weekly bulletins on Friday mornings and assisting with bulk and other mailings. These jobs are done during business hours on an “as needed” basis.

Pastoral Council

This group of parish volunteers serves in an advisory role to the pastor or administrator. The councils are involved in planning to meet the needs of the parish, the archdiocese and the broader community, with a vision for the future and a strong basis in stewardship. Pastoral Council members are selected through a discernment process each spring. For more information, see the Pastoral Council page.

Tithing Tabulators

These volunteers count the weekly offering every Monday morning. The time commitment is approximately 1-2 hours per month, depending on the number of teams.

Suggesting New Activities

The pastoral council is open to ideas for additional programs and services. If you see a need and would like to help fill that need, contact any pastoral council member or the parish office.

Additional Information

For more information, contact the Stewardship Office at 262-377-1070, ext. 327 or send an e-mail.