Together We Pray. Together We Grow.

Maintaining a vibrant parish for the future requires the continued generosity of our parishioners. Our 2021 Stewardship Offertory Campaign theme is Together we pray, Together we grow” which exemplifies the true spirit of how deeply rooted our Catholic congregation has been in our local community. As part of our campaign we are asking our parishioners to prayerfully make a pledge:

  • For donations by check or cash, please complete and return this form to the parish office.


  • To pledge and pay electronically, we recommend completing the online form for electronic giving: This allows you to specify the amount you wish to give, when you want to make payment, and in what form.


Our 2021 Stewardship Offertory Campaign is an opportunity for each of us to prayerfully share in the gift of giving to support the continued operation of our parish, and community outreach efforts to those in need. Let us build upon the generosity of one another at St. Francis Borgia.

What is a Stewardship Offertory Pledge?

A pledge is a promise of your gift over a specified period of time.

Why is an Offertory Pledge Important?

It’s important, for planning purposes, to know what our financial outlook is in order to support parish operations and outreach efforts.

How will the Offertory Pledge money be used?

Offertory funds cover all parish operating expenses. Our parish staff, ministries, and campuses support all aspects of maintaining and growing our vibrant parish community including all sacraments, spiritual formation, parish activities, electronic and print communications, accounting and parishioner database.


Here are some examples of what Offertory Pledges support:


Sacraments (Baptism, First Communion & Confirmation)

Men’s and Women’s Group Study
Men’s and Women’s Conferences and Retreats
Mission Trips
School Subsidy
Child, Youth and Family Formation
Children’s Summer Program and Youth Retreats


Sacramental Support
Accounting & Finance Support
Human Resources Support
Archdiocese Reporting Support


Maintain South Campus & North Campus (includes school)
Maintain all equipment in buildings
Maintain cemetery


Sunday Mass
Daily Mass
Sacraments (Weddings, Confession, & Anointings)
Holy Days of Obligation
Eucharistic Processions
Marian Shrine


What is the 2021 Stewardship Offertory goal?

Our goal is to raise $1,750,000 for 2021.

How can I make a pledge?

In what form or frequency can I make a pledge and gift?

Whatever method you select for your donations, you may make a one-time gift and/or weekly, monthly or quarterly offerings. If donating electronically, you may fulfill your pledges by ACH debits from your checking or savings account or by credit card. It is also possible to use a Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) from a retirement account to fulfill your pledge. Contact the parish accountant if RMD or stock donation is your choice.

What if I make a pledge but later, I can’t fulfill that amount?

Historically, our parishioners fulfill over 90% of total pledges. Although you are not obligated to fulfill the pledged amount we pray that 100% of total pledges are received.

Make a pledge and give.

Let us build upon the generosity of one another at St. Francis Borgia. Before anyone makes a pledge and gift, please pray. Pray for all who will be blessed because of the generosity of our parish community. And, pray that all at St. Francis Borgia will discover the blessing and joy of being generous to others in need.