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Annual Stewardship Offertory Campaign

Blessings from our Pastors

After the death of his wife, St. Francis Borgia became a Jesuit priest. He would often share the Jesuit motto with those he encountered: Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam (For the Greater Glory of God). In one of his letters, he said this, “Everyone, whether king, nobles, tradesmen or peasants must do all things for the glory of God and under the inspiration of Christ’s example.”

For generations, St. Francis Borgia parishioners have taken this exhortation to heart. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful community here, and we thank you all for every way that you have supported our parish. Your generosity makes it possible for us to continue our essential mission. May God bless each of us and guide us to do all things for his glory.

We believe that if each and every parish family participates in the Stewardship + School Appeal, we will reach our financial goals.

Stewardship Goal: $1,750,000                          School Appeal Goal: $70,000

Each gift, no matter its size, has a significant impact on our parish and our students. Please prayerfully consider what you may give. Your sacrifice and your desire to be God’s stewards will open the door of faith for others and enrich Cedarburg’s Catholic community for generations to come. We are truly blessed by this congregation and thank you for your generous support.





How to Make a Financial Pledge

As part of our campaign we are asking our parishioners to prayerfully make a pledge. Parishioners are asked to commit to either a weekly, monthly, quarterly or one time gift of money to help support this annual campaign. Amounts can be designated during the process of making a pledge or at any time during the year. Click here to view the categories to which one can donate.

Pledging may be made one of two ways:  online or contribution envelopes.


Preferred Method

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Online giving is provided by the Abundant platform. You may donate online here or by texting SFBGIVE to 73256. You may give using a bank account or a credit card, and the donations can be one-time or recurring. For example, this online form can be used for setting up electronic funds transfers (EFT).

Donations by envelope (check or cash)

Contribution envelopes can be used for donations by cash or check. Packets of envelopes are sent to parishioners’ homes. Parishioners can choose to give without contribution envelopes, in which case a parish/envelope number will be assigned, but no envelopes will be sent. Parishioners should note their parish/envelope number with contributions, so that they are properly credited for their donations. Complete the form here if you want to donate using envelopes.


Be intentional and active in caring for the poor, inside and outside of our parish.

When we lay down our wants and desires to serve each other, God blesses our efforts. Consider where God is calling you to serve Him.


Fellowship develops connections among parishioners beyond worship, building a vibrant community of people who know and care about each other.

When we look beyond the obvious, we discover that we all have talents we can use to serve God and His people.


The first priority in our parish is giving to the operations of the parish and school, Christian Formation, and the community outreach programs we are involved in.

Our gifts to God should be our gratitude for what God has done for us. How can you support our Parish every year?

Our students are learning to become faithful disciples who serve Christ.

Will you help them get there?

Tuition only covers about 50% of the expenses to run our great school. Our community is called to bridge the operational gap.
Money from the Annual Appeal helps fund the vital day-to-day needs of our students and staff, while keeping us on the cutting edge.

From $10 donations to $1,000’s:
Every gift counts!
Join fellow supporters and help provide the exceptional Catholic Education SFB is known for.

Your gift makes a real impact, and together we can help every student, every year, grow into the Christ-centered person they were chosen to become.

Planned Giving

Planned giving is a thoughtful way for donors to extend their gifts beyond their lifetime to support Saint Francis Borgia Parish and to ensure that our Church and ministries remain vibrant and filled with hope for future generations.

If interested in planned giving through Required Minimum Distribution (RMD), a trust or similar donation method, please contact our Parish Accountant at 262-377-1070 Ext 337.

Matching Gifts

Matching gifts allow you to increase your contribution at no additional cost to you. Many companies offer matching gift programs to encourage their employees to contribute to charitable organizations.

For more information, please contact the Stewardship Office at 262-377-1070 or email us.

Giving is part of the sharing of resources good stewardship requires.
It calls us to nurture our relationships with God, our families, our church, our workplace, our environment, our suffering neighbors and our world.”