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Financial Committees

Parishioners are involved in the financial decision-making of the parish in three ways:

Finance Council

The Finance Council includes the pastor or administrator, the parish trustees, one or two liaisons from the Pastoral Council, and other parish members appointed by the pastor or administrator. It is the consultative body in all parish financial matters.

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee assists the Finance Council in coordinating the investment of parish assets to generate income to support specific activities. The parish’s investments include the Parish Endowment Fund, the School Endowment Fund, the School Tuition Assistance Fund, the Cemetery Perpetual Care Fund and other restricted and non-restricted parish funds.

Budgeting and Accounting Committee

The Budgeting and Accounting Committee reviews the monthly financial statements and annual budgets for all aspects of our parish (school, cemetery, Education & Activity Center and church). It advises the Finance Council and parish office staff on performance versus budget and makes suggestions for continuous improvement.

The financial statements for the 2022-2023 fiscal year may be viewed here. 2022-23 Financial Statements

If you are an accountant, finance professional or investment expert and would like to offer your time and talents to one of these groups, please email the parish office to learn more.

View Annual Report

Finance Council Members

Members and Officers for 2023-2024


Council Member Council Position
Michelle Kluck Council Chairperson
Jim Graham
Marc Dion
Chris Frommell Pastoral Council Liaison
Ben Kessler Pastoral Council Liaison
Fr. Patrick Burns, Pastor Ex Officio Member
Fr. Matthew Ferch, Associate Pastor
Joe Carlson, Trustee Ex Officio Member
Joe Schirger, Trustee Ex Officio Member