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Saint Francis Borgia Cemetery

7963 Pioneer Road, Mequon, WI 53097

Established in 1847, the cemetery is located across the street from the original St. Francis Borgia Church which was built on Pioneer Road. It is both a visible sign and an ongoing witness to those who rest here and to their families, friends, and our future parish members.

As we look to the future, the parish cemetery continues to expand. Future plans include columbarium expansion, land preparation, and additional landscaping.

The cemetery is the final resting place for the communion of saints providing a sacred legacy and remembrance on into the future.

Our Catholic Cemetery supports our Catholic Christian faith and the belief that we will also participate in the fullness of the Resurrection.

Final disposition is the act of placing the body or the cremated remains in the cemetery. In addition to the traditional burial of the body (interment) into the grave site, there are two choices for cremated remains. Urns may be buried in ground graves, or they may be placed in above ground columbarium niches. (Please see the current fees and policies below.)

Burial Information

Cremation Information

Catholics can choose to be cremated. The cremated remains of a body should be treated with the same respect given to the human body from which they come. This includes the use of a worthy vessel to contain the cremated remains, the care and attention to appropriate placement and transport, and the final disposition.

All remains should be a part of remembrance, permanence, and prayer. If you have any questions concerning the process or maintenance of cremated remains, please contact the Cemetery Coordinator or St. Francis Borgia Church Pastor.

Visitation and Cemetery Care

The cemetery is open during daylight hours throughout the year. Water spigots are available for use in caring for grave sites during the warm weather months. Grass cutting, trimming, tree/shrub maintenance, and snow removal are provided by parish volunteers.

Flowers, Decorations and Flags

Annual and perennial or artificial flower placements are encouraged at raised grave markers extending out a maximum of 12 inches in front of the marker.

Vases, wreaths, crosses, eternal lights and other personal decorations should be removed prior to winter. American flags should be placed in the 12 inch area directly in front of the grave marker or touching the grave marker.

Trees, Shrubs and Bushes

Due to limited space and maintenance concerns, grave site bushes, shrubs or trees should not be planted without approval from the cemetery administrator.

Infant Section

The Infant Section contains the graves 46 babies who were buried in the 1960s at the request of the pastor. It is believed that they came from poor families in Milwaukee and the surrounding area.

Now, this is an option for the final resting place for parish infants as well. The Knights of Columbus (with donations from parishioners) erected a monument in memory of these infants buried here.

During our historical research of the cemetery, 177 graves of unknown early Cedarburg residents were revealed. Utilizing modern technology to locate grave sites, we constructed special grave markers to honor their lives in testament to their faith.

Unknown But Not Forgotten

The volunteer cemetery staff has been working to repair and restore older monuments. This work has enhanced the look of the cemetery.

Before Repair

During Repair

After Repair

The volunteer cemetery staff has been making resin crosses to replace older crosses that were damaged beyond repair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to be a parishioner to be buried in the cemetery?

A: No, the cemetery is available for all.

Q: Do I need to be Catholic to be buried in the cemetery?

A: No, the cemetery is open to people of all faiths.

Q:How much does it cost to bury a loved one at the cemetery?

A: The current cemetery fees and policies can be found below.

Q: Can I purchase a plot or niche in advance?

A: Yes, please contact the cemetery coordinator to make arrangements.

Q: I would like to schedule a funeral at St. Francis Borgia. How can I do this?

A: More information about funeral planning can be found here.

Current Fees and Policies

Prices effective January 1, 2023

Columbarium Niche Costs

Per Niche Space Price: $2,000

Note: Crematory urns must conform to the size restrictions of the niche. Urns must be 12x12x12 inches or smaller. The niches are designed to accommodate two sets of cremains.

Note: If qualified, veterans will receive free military service emblems. A nominal attachment fee will apply.

Burial In-Ground Space Costs

Cemetery Burial Space: $900

Burial Fee: $900

Inurnment Opening and Closing Fee: $550

Urn Vault: $200

Infants buried in the Infant Section: $0

Monument Marker Permit Fee: $50

In addition to traditional body interment, Saint Francis Borgia Cemetery offers two choices for cremated remains. Urns may be buried in the ground (an urn vault is required) or may be placed in the above ground niches in our columbariums.

Burial Contact Information

Contact the Cemetery Coordinator by calling the parish office at 262-377-1070.

Contact the Cemetery Coordinator through the parish website: click here.