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E&AC Pledge Update

Our parish’s fiscal year-end is rapidly approaching (June 30) and we’d like to encourage those parishioners with remaining balances on their Education & Activity Center (E&AC) pledges to complete their remaining pledges by June 30, if their finances allow for it. Approximately 1,400 parishioners made pledges toward this project. All but 75 have been collected in full. We also have many parishioners who have paid off their pledge and yet continue to make monthly contributions toward the E&AC mortgage. Thank you!

The aggregate mortgage on the E&AC is approximately $1.6 million, with approximately $150,000 in remaining pledges to be collected. We also have approximately $140,000 cash in a restricted account that funds the monthly $8,500 E&AC mortgage payment. The proceeds from the sale of the former SFB School on Hamilton Avenue are expected by the end of the calendar year and will be applied against the mortgage as well.

Thank you to all for your generosity and stewardship!

~ Andy Lampereur on behalf of the E&AC Leadership Team