Uganda Twinning Committee

The focus of the Uganda Twinning Committee is to build and maintain social, cultural and spiritual ties with St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church and the surrounding community in Mukono, Uganda. The parish is just outside Uganda’s capital city of Kampala in East Africa. Ongoing projects contribute to the steadily growing relationship between the two parishes. Past and current activities include building classrooms for the St. Paul’s nursery school, improving sub-parish schools, building and continuing improvements at the newly-constructed St. Francis Borgia high school, supporting the St. Paul’s Catholic Women’s Guild projects (including the development and expansion of the piggery program and support of their training school), and supporting the St. Paul’s Catholic Men’s Guild and their eucalyptus tree project. Personal visits between Mukono and Cedarburg have developed the bonds of friendship and Christian fellowship. The committee meets once a month.


Visits between the two parishes have taken place on a regular basis since 2001. The accounts below capture the highlights of those trips.”

2019: Visitors here from Uganda

Six members of St. Paul the Apostle Parish in Mukono arrived here in October, marking the tenth time our two faith communities have exchanged visitors since 2001. By now, familiar patterns have been established for these biannual pilgrimages, as hosts and guests alike have engaged in a range of religious and social events, activities, and day trips to build our relationship with, and understanding of, one another. Yet, as members on both sides have come to realize the importance of passing the twinning commitment on to a new generation, this trip emphasized meetings with students in the day school and religious education programs to build better rapport and establish greater awareness of the relationship among younger parishioners.

The visitors also took part in a weekend celebration of St. Francis Borgia’s 175th anniversary. A commemorative Mass, followed by a breakfast reception at the Education and Activity Center, enabled the six travelers to meet a greater number of people from the parish. Also, by prior arrangement, St. Paul’s pastor Fr. Paul Ssebitoogo delivered a mission appeal at weekend Masses. The purpose was to raise awareness and financial support for the mission work done in the Lugazi Diocese, in which St. Paul Parish is located. See photos from the mission appeal Mass.

2017: Fifth Journey to Uganda

In August 2017, a team of nine SFB “pilgrims” departed for a visit to our sister parish, St. Paul the Apostle Parish in Mukono, Uganda. Their plan included visiting many families, along with schools and other sites. Among the stops was St. Francis Borgia High School, built with the generous donations of our parishioners and named in our honor. Enrollment had reached 600 students, which was up 200 children from two years prior!

Other experiences: prayer for a future surgeon; 8-foot-tall ant hills; tilapia fresh off the boat; shopping trips; farms, schools, projects, and sub-parishes; traffic jams; a remembrance of local martyrs; and a trip to the source of the Nile.

The pilgrims posted a daily blog of their visit, enabling parishioners to participate each day in the journey. See photos

2015: Visitors here from Uganda

In October 2015, St. Francis Borgia welcomed four visitors from St. Paul the Apostle parish in Mukono, Uganda, including Fr. Paul Ssebitoogo. During their time with us, they were able to experience our parish, Cedarburg, and the greater Milwaukee community. Our parish Twinning Committee coordinated both spiritual and social activities, and many members and other parishioners extended hospitality to our guests. The purpose of the visit was to renew and deepen the bonds between our two parishes.

  • See photos
  • See Frank Njuba’s presentation to the Joint Twinning Committee about St. Paul’s parish in Mukono and the impact of the twinning relationship with SFB in Cedarburg. Many photos are included in the presentation.

2013: Fourth Journey to Uganda

In June of 2013, Fr. Yamid Blanco and nine St. Francis Borgia parishioners made the long journey to Uganda, to St. Paul the Apostle parish in Mukono. They brought with them the good wishes, prayers, fellowship and financial support of our St. Francis Borgia parishioners. In eight days, they visited the new St. Francis Borgia High School, three primary schools, one preschool, two medical clinics, the Women’s Guild projects (28 piggeries, two chicken hatcheries, sustainable farming, and their vocational school) and the Men’s Guild eucalyptus tree project. Thanks to our Uganda Twinning donors, the “pilgrims” were able to bring 600 lbs. of school supplies to Uganda, various medical supplies, five new laptop computers, and additional funds to support the schools, the Men’s and Women’s Guild projects, the youth group and general parish needs.

The people of St. Paul parish in Mukono were warm and welcoming, entertaining their Cedarburg visitors every day with traditional African music and dancing; wining them, (homemade by the ladies from their Women’s Guild) and dining them (lots of matoke, which is a steamed green plantain; potatoes; rice; yams, and more). They talked together as friends, sharing thoughts and ideas about meeting the future needs of this very poor, but very faith-filled community.Spending time in the community and observing the various projects, our pilgrims were amazed at the creativity, efficiency, and productivity of the people in the Mukono community. The dollars that have been provided over the past 12 years have been stretched beyond what could ever be imagined possible. The people of St. Paul’s parish utilized every penny to support sustainable projects that have boosted the economy, provided employment opportunities, and improved education. The entire Mukono community has been positively impacted by the financial support of our St. Francis Borgia parish community. What’s most exciting is that our Uganda brothers and sisters have a vision for continued improvements in education, building a medical clinic in a remote area of the community, and a variety of business projects which will continue to support the economy. Their commitment is unwavering.

2011: Visitors here from Uganda

In fall 2011 our parish had the privilege and pleasure of hosting seven members of our sister parish, St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church in Mukono, Uganda for two weeks. St. Francis Borgia parishioners welcomed our visitors with great warmth. The twinning committee planned and coordinated many activities, including a visit to a farm and orchard, a Brewers’ game, and trips to the Milwaukee County Zoo and Chicago. On the spiritual side, shared liturgies were moving celebrations and reaffirmed the universality of our Catholic faith and traditions.

2009: Third Journey to Uganda

In summer 2009, Fr. Dan Janasik traveled with five parishioners to our twinning parish of St. Paul’s in Mukono, Uganda. They went with a special focus upon the parish schools, but their overall goal was to build the bonds of friendship between St. Paul and St. Francis Borgia parishes. To that end the pilgrimage was a great success. From the moment the group of “pilgrims” stepped off the plane, the people of St. Paul’s welcomed them with open arms.

2008: Ugandan Bishop Visits SFB for Mission Appeal

2007: Visitors here from Uganda

Fr. Paul Ssebitoogo and five members of St. Paul Parish visited St. Francis Borgia.

2006: Second Journey to Uganda

In August 2006, Fr. Tom Eichenberger and eight parishioners journeyed to Uganda as pilgrims to our sister parish in Mukono, Uganda. The group represented a cross-section of the parish, with representatives of the twinning committee, parish council, human concerns committee and SFB school faculty. Ages ranged from an eighth-grader to a couple who recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. All were open to the Spirit to experience the culture and spirituality of our brothers and sisters in Uganda.

2005: Fr. Paul Ssebitoogo Visits SFB

In fall 2005, Fr. Paul Ssebitoogo, new pastor of St. Paul parish in Mukono, visited St. Francis Borgia.

2004: Fr. Ignatius Kibowa at SFB for Mission Appeal

2003: Visitors here from Uganda

In 2003, a delegation of four from St. Paul Parish, including Fr. Ignatius Kibowa, visited our Cedarburg parish.

2002: Ugandan Bishop Visits SFB

2001: First Journey to Uganda

Five St. Francis Borgia parishioners visited Uganda in 2001 to begin the process of establishing relationships with our brothers and sisters in Uganda

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