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Present the gifts at Mass

A lovely way to mark a special occasion in your family is to bring forward the gifts of bread and wine at Mass. Start a family tradition of honoring each of your children around the time of his/her birthday by coming to Mass and bringing the gifts to the altar! Remember an anniversary. Celebrate a job promotion or college acceptance. The reason for celebration is your choice! Unfortunately, we also have sad events in our lives that we wish to commemorate. This is another time when offering the bread and wine for communion can be especially meaningful.

There is a book in the Ushers’ Room in the gathering space where you can note your name and the Mass(es) at which you’d like to present the gifts. The book covers six months at a time, so it is now open for people to sign up for Masses from December through May. There’s no need to worry about “not knowing what to do.” The ushers will assist you. There are also cards with directions in the front of the sign-in book.

If you have questions about this ministry, please email the parish office.