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Reunion like no other with sister parish in Mukono, Uganda

It had been four long years since that first late night flight into Entebbe. Not knowing what to expect then, we knew
exactly what awaited us on August 5, 2017 at 1 a.m. Our brothers and sisters waiting patiently for us to gather our luggage and greeting us with such excitement and love. How can we thank these wonderful people, numbering 20 plus, for traveling three hours to meet us at that time of “morning”?

Thus began my second visit to our sister parish, St Paul’s in Mukono, Uganda. My fatigue after 24 hours of travel had disappeared, replaced with the excitement of renewed friendships and anticipation of new adventures. Every day we witness what your love and support has empowered our sisters and brothers to accomplish.

The high school has a secured perimeter, new buildings that house the students, new bathrooms for the girls, and a shower building under construction. Your generosity has made it possible for these students to have a place to live and learn in a safe, clean environment.

The Women’s and Men’s Guilds continue to impress us with their ongoing projects. The piggeries and eucalyptus tree projects are flourishing in numbers. In addition, we saw the ginger field and the car wash/car repair projects. With the vocational school including both young ladies and men, your donations are helping even more young people to become self sufficient. The catering, hairdressing and tailoring training continues, along with brick building and automobile/engine repair training. (see photos to the right)

Scouting continues to grow, with many young, excited members. If invited, and if funds allow, the scouts from St.
Paul’s could possibly attend a camp in the U.S. next year!

The word of God is celebrated and shared at St Paul’s, along with 17 sub-parishes. These parishes bring new challenges and needs. Having very little, thanking our Lord for his love and our support, these people celebrate the Gospel like I have never seen before. Happiness for God’s blessings abounds!!

Thank you all for your continued love and support of the SFB Twinning Committee. Please consider becoming part of this rewarding relationship.

Have a very blessed New Year!

~ Jan Hanson, SFB Twinning Committee member