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Spirituality of Stewardship: A Message from the Archbishop

While the archdiocese continues to develop the area of Evangelization and the Sunday Mass, the focus will now be expanded to the Spirituality of Stewardship as well. In his latest Synod Implementation message, Archbishop Listecki tells us “Stewardship is how we use our time, gifts and financial resources to further the mission of the Church… Focusing on the mission Jesus gave us, stewardship and giving of ourselves, is how we form ourselves as intentional disciples. I look forward to exploring this area with you Archbishop further throughout the year.”

To learn more:

  • Click here to read Archbishop Listecki’s “Spirituality of Stewardship” message.
  • Attend “Everyday Stewardship: Inspiring and Practical Insights on Stewardship as a Way of Life.” The focus of the session is everyday stewardship in everyday language for everyday people. This program will be held four times at various locations, including Feb. 8 at the Cousins Center in Milwaukee. Click for more information and to register.