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An encounter with Jesus

We are beginning a Bible Study for adults with an overview of Sacred Scripture soon. We are also starting Christian Formation at every level this week. We are very grateful to our catechists, Core Team members and staff for preparation for children, teens and adults to have an encounter with Jesus in Christian Formation that is offered by the parish. In reality, we should all be attentive to an encounter with Jesus in Scripture in the Liturgy of the Word at Mass. This is our preparation to receive Him in the Eucharist. In sometimes subtle ways, we open our hearts and minds to Christ, as He reveals who He is to us in Scripture and through the homily.

The Liturgy of the Word is an encounter with Jesus, the Word. Especially in the Gospel where we stand to listen attentively to the words and actions of Christ that are relevant for us today, close to 2000 years later. The Holy Spirit is stirring in our hearts and like the early disciples on the road to Emmaus, hopefully we say as we encounter Jesus as He opens Scripture to us: “Were not our hearts burning within us.” If not, maybe we should read the Scriptures for Sunday ahead of time or prepare in prayer before Mass and try to put away the distractions that take us away from Jesus. Let us ask God for help to remain vigilant and ready for Him to reveal His love, generosity and faithfulness to us in Scripture.