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Communion for the Home-bound

Providing the Eucharist for the sick who are not able to be present for the celebration of the Mass is an ancient and essential practice of the Church. We currently have parishioners who regularly visit the home-bound and our local health facilities to offer Holy Communion to Catholics.

However, we are aware of the fact that there may be some home-bound Catholics who we are not currently receiving. If you know of a Catholic in Cedarburg who is home-bound and would like to receive Holy Communion, please contact the parish office at 262-377-1070. We want to make sure that those who are not able to join the assembled community on Sundays are able to nonetheless receive the profound gift of the Eucharist.

Please note that those living in assisted living facilities do receive Holy Communion on a regular basis. Staff members at those locations make sure that Catholics are visited when a minister is there.