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Eucharistic Adoration – Especially Saturdays overnight

We are excited about preparing for Perpetual Adoration (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) to begin sometime after Easter.

We are especially in need of people to fill the time slots from 12 a.m. on Saturday through 12 p.m. on Sunday. Will you prayerfully consider taking an hour?

If you would like to join the ministry or have questions, please contact the Adoration Committee. You can also call the parish office and ask that a member of the Adoration Ministry contact you.

We want to share with you some of the powerful reflections our adorers have related on how meaningful Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament has been in their lives. Please read the thoughts shared by one of our high school students.

An Adoration reflection: “Doing nothing often leads to the very best kind of something.”

Yes, this may be a quote from Winnie the Pooh, but I think it accurately describes how I think about Adoration. As a current sophomore in high school, it feels as though I am always doing something. Whether it be homework, practicing having a driver’s license, helping out at home with daily needs, or trying to find time to work after school and on weekends, there’s never a boring or dull moment in my life. Adoration is an experience unlike anything else I have experienced in my life. It gives me an opportunity to step away from the busy world and take a deep breath.

For many people, I know the silence of Adoration is a struggle. It is hard for them to come pray or talk to God when He doesn’t always talk back. They might give up because of frustration or lack of knowing what to do in Adoration. This is where the quote from Pooh comes in; sometimes, you have to start by doing nothing. A few times during my weekly Holy Hour, I will just sit and think, enjoy the silence, or admire the beauty of Jesus as the Eucharist displayed in the monstrance, as well as appreciate the incredible blessing we have at this parish to have almost Perpetual Adoration.

Sometimes this simple act of doing nothing leads to a thought, feeling, or idea that comes over you and you just know that it wasn’t entirely your body causing that reaction. I believe that this is the “very best kind of something” that is a result of Adoration: the ability to come with your struggling, anxious mind and leave feeling refreshed and calm.

So, why did I feel compelled to write this? It was actually an inspiration I felt in Adoration. I want my experience to inspire and encourage people to go to Adoration. It may be late, but you could make it your Lenten promise to go to Adoration at least once a week, and once you make it a practice, you can carry it over to more than just during Lent. I was already going to Adoration every Tuesday with my mom, but we added every Thursday for Lent and I don’t see why we would ever stop.

Adoration is a commitment that has changed my life, changed the way I deal with my struggles, and changed the way I cope with my worries and all that life throws at me. Once again, I encourage you all to sign up for a Holy Hour, I promise it will change your life, and it can get us closer to Perpetual Adoration!

I want to end by leaving you all with a question, if you aren’t signed up for Adoration right now, what is keeping you from that?

I think the biggest thing I have noticed in people when I ask them is that they don’t have enough time. One of the biggest impacts that Adoration has had on my life is it has helped me recognize the places I am spending the most time. I noticed that I was spending time on lots of unnecessary things: social media, procrastination of homework, etc. I now am able to use Adoration as an incentive to get my necessities finished and therefore have a clearer mind in Adoration and have that be the end of my night instead of staying up doing homework after 10:00 when my Holy Hour ends.

If this resonates with you, again, I encourage you to sign up for Adoration and watch how it changes you for the better.

Thank you for reading!
~Grace Lindemann