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Liturgy Guys podcast

Have you ever wondered why we do what we do during Mass? Why a church is built with a particular architecture? What’s the meaning of the artwork in gathering spaces and worships spaces? Maybe you’re wondering what Pope Francis recently said about the Missal? The answers can be found with the Liturgy Guys podcast.

Christopher Carstens and Dr. Denis McNamara, faculty members at the Liturgical Institute, sit down with host Jesse Weiler every week to talk about Catholic Liturgy. At the end of each episode the Liturgy experts take time to answer listener submitted questions.

The Liturgical Institute is part of St. Mary’s Seminary in Mundelein (Chicago Archdiocese). The Liturgy Guys tackle topics, issues and questions in an understandable way!

Check out the Liturgy Guys podcast on your phone, tablet, or PC by visiting the Liturgy Guys web site.