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Parish Calendar – Requests Due Aug. 15

It’s the time of year when we start coordinating events that will take place during the next “school” year (September 2018 through August 2019).

If your committee/group/organization currently has events and/or meetings on the parish calendar (fundraisers, collections and regularly scheduled meetings), please contact Katie in the parish office to request dates for those events in the year ahead. You will not be automatically slotted for meetings or events in the coming year. You need to schedule everything. Also, if your group is dropping any existing events, please share that information with the office. We would like to have all requests in hand by Wednesday, Aug. 15. You will be contacted in early September to confirm that your meeting/event was able to be scheduled.

Please email Katie (parish office) and note “2018-19 calendar request” in the subject line. With each request, please include the name and phone number of the contact person for the specific event/meeting. Katie can also answer questions you may have about scheduling meetings/events at the parish.