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Scrip available on Sunday, Nov. 20

School families are familiar with Scrip – a program in which gift cards are purchased by an organization/charity for a discounted price and then sold for face value. The Scrip program allows the seller, in this case SFB, to keep the difference between the discounted purchase price and the face value selling price as a profit for the organization. Profits range from 2.5 percent up to 20 percent based on the merchant.

Scrip will be offered on Sunday, Nov. 20 from 8:30 – 11:30 a.m. in the gathering space. All profits will go to SFB! A limited number of merchants will be offered at this inaugural sale. Think about the needs you might have and what you would be spending anyway…and consider buying a gift card to make those purchases.

Will you be shopping for Thanksgiving groceries? Purchase grocery gift card. A $50 Meijer card will net $1.50 of the card’s purchase price as profit for SFB! A $50 gift card for Piggly Wiggly will earn $1.50 for SFB and a $50 Sendik’s card will earn $2.50.

Driving to Grandma’s for turkey dinner? Purchase a $50 Citgo card and $3 of the price will go to SFB. Having company and can’t imagine cooking on Wednesday before or Friday after Thanksgiving? Take them to the Highland House for dinner! Each $25 card for that restaurant sends 20% – $5! – to SFB. Get the idea?

Black Friday and Small Business Saturday are other shopping days that you might want to consider. Of course you don’t have to keep the cards for your own use! You can use them for Christmas gifts.

In addition to the merchants listed above, cards will be available for:

  • Fiddleheads: $10 value ($1 to SFB)
  • Kohl’s: $25 value ($1 to SFB)
  • PDQ: $50 value ($2.50 to SFB)
  • Starbucks: $10 value (70 cents to SFB)
  • Target: $25 value (62.5 cents to SFB)
  • WalMart/Sam’s Club: $25 value (62.5 cents to SFB)

Please note:

  • NO credit cards can be accepted. Purchases must be paid by personal check or cash.
  • School families – Scrip purchased at church on Nov. 20 will not count toward your school Scrip requirement.

Questions about Scrip? Please contact Sue Blizzard in the parish office: send an email or call, 262-377-1070.

Thanks for thinking Scrip when planning for the holidays!